What work are our Hands Doing?

by | 09 Jul 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

“Oh! but what have we here, about ten thousands of those men who do no work in England today”…this was said in the battle of Edin Court in 1216 which was later christened “The Feast Crispian” by King Henry the V.

Well what work does our hands do today. These are very trying , challenging and yet exciting times. With the world financial markets in turmoil, country rising up against each other , brother against brother. To some this may mean that it is the time of gloom and that there seems to be no end to the rise and rise of things from oil to basic food stuff. Well now my friend this does not really happen in a vacuum , it is but the works of a few men who in their own privacy know that the power they wield has both the ability to build or destroy.

To some for an extra bottle of a high and mighty perfumery, or clothes hand knitted or some exotic sports car will do nothing but add fuel to the fire already burning. In all this quagmire each and everyone of us has hands which are as capable as those with immerse power to make a difference. Today I choose to be an agent of change, I choose to let my hands have the power to make a difference and not in the pursuit of glorification but in the knowing that I can and do make a difference.

Today I choose to look at my fellow human beings and see in them the aspirations and dreams that I have had since being a boy and have achieved a couple of them in this my journey of life. I choose to let my hands be concerned with the work of making today exceptional so that tomorrow could mean a different day for those who are faced with adversity and therefore have no wish for tomorrow.

Today I choose not only to look at my immediate wants which are so far of from the needs of the ordinary folks in the street , but to make a powerful contribution to the bitterness of men in the tasks that my hands have. Today I choose to challenge the way you look at life and interact with those around you, be they senior or junior either in rank or age. I today choose to let my hands do the things that we fear the most , the one thing which when we do not only liberates us but also gives an opportunity for those around us to be liberated too.

I today Billy Selekane choose to be he who becomes an inspiration and not for personal gain or glory but to contribute to the positive force of men in their need for fulfilment…I choose today to let my hands hold and push the axle of the world so that tomorrow becomes a brighter day.

To you my friends I ask today…What work are your hands doing? …and that is a question I leave to you.