The Essence of Business is People

by | 02 Feb 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

The Essence of Business is People , each and every business needs people to service and most of them are geared towards offering a product and or service to people. So therefore the foundation of any great business lies in the People Engagement and Growth strategy.

There is an illusion that technology and apps will replace people , there is no doubt that disruption has proven to be human beings greatest victory and sometimes its worst enemy. We have seen the advent of automation , robotics propelled by deep learning algorithms . We are excited by stretching our imagination in the use of virtual and augmented reality . These machines we are creating who also now have the ability to co-0create through deep learning are tools of wonder , things we only saw on science fiction movies and never thought we would see them in our lifetime.

Amidst all this disruption lies the essence of humanity , we should never ever forget that our business growth is steeped in the hearts of people. As this revolution picks speed as we witness , people are now questioning the commitment of organizations to their people and the welfare of societies they do business with.

The advent of Sillycon valley with all its bells and whistles has also challenged the way we look at employees , have many organizations burned people up and dropped them in their rush be the first in the market with an invention or product. I believe that.