• Tony Dovale
    I have worked with Billy Selekane over a few years. He is a professional, potent, powerful presenter, expert keynote speaker, coach and mentor. He is a positive product of focus, commitment and action with a strong foundation of integrity, character and reliability. He is a man of great faith in every sense of the word. HE IS the undisputed best speaker in Africa. Billy holds global recognition of CSP. Very few speakers carry this accreditation and recognition.. Billy is the REAL DEAL. Exceptional man
    Tony Dovale
  • Adam Bright
    Billy Selekane is an exceptional mentor in business. He puts on the table an incredible wealth of knowledge from his experiences as a world renowned speaker and coach. One has to admire him for his positive outlook on life and his take no nonsense attitude as well. Its been an absolute privilege to work with him on and off stage, in business and gladly on a personal level too. He certainly has the zest for life that most people only dream of having. His overwhelming personality is like a rocket about to launch… and with Billy Selekane you always know there’s more.. Thank you Billy!
    Adam Bright
  • Miyelani Mkhabela
    Billy Selekane approach is very applicable to what we do, over the past years, we have implemented techniques and it has helped us create a variety of business models that activated how we do business at the epoch. The combination of personal effectiveness, motivation and inspiration, his personal experience, in depth technical and business knowledge and a collaborative working style was exactly what we need during fast changing situations in emerging markets. I was with Billy Selekane for a three month Business Coaching programme 2005 that made me effective and I persist to inspire others.We have also used his book “From Bear foot to Snake Skin shoes” it’s a book that has lifetime scenarios on how he progressed in his business lifestyle.
    Miyelani Mkhabela
    Executive Director and Strategist at Antswisa Management Group
  • Shoneez Venter
    I believe there comes at least one moment in a person’s lifetime which if recognised and seized, transforms the course of that life forever. You have been that moment in my life. My inner turmoil until now has been directionless, unfocussed and unproductive. You have taught me to listen to the inner voice that had initially started its message in a whisper and has recently starting shouting a deafening cry into my dreams. Billy, I have always known that there is a light within me. A faint spark that at times ignites into a flame of desire. This flame, grows and diminishes as I will it and as I allow myself to stray off my path and stray away from my inner joy. I have known great joy and I can still feel it. Drawing it towards me, using the inner magnetic power of my Will Power, I can make it happen. There is a light within me. It has been threatened by a force wishing to extinguish my inner flame. But still, there is a light within me. Thank you for helping me awaken to my inner light. This is a poem you have inspired: I stand before you, naked with truth. My skin, no longer a mask, My expression, no longer a misrepresentation of my inner well-being. Rooted by a divine knowledge That inner power is the only power worth owning, And truth, The only reality worth pursuing. I am powerful and I use my power to improve my life and the world. Today, I am grateful for your wisdom. Yours sincerely,
    Shoneez Venter

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