Quality of Thoughts, brings Quality of Life

by | 09 Sep 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

Today is a beginning of anew week. A week of great or not so great things happening and all this depends on how you have tuned your thinking process. I am in my new office and appreciating the beauty of what I have created which not only turned out to be a great place to come to but also full of inspiration. I have thought about his for a long long time, offices I have occupied previously I had very little or nothing at all to do with how the design and layout.
This time around the consistent powerful thoughts of creating an environment wherein greatness is bred. Not only did I think about it all the time, I never ever stopped talking about it to clients, friends , colleagues and family.

The power and quality of the thoughts which drove the creation of this environment was that of Power, Enthusiasm, Greatness, Love , Inspiration and all the positive and powerful emotions which go hand in hand with the manifestation of Greatness. If my thoughts were doubtful and not focused I could have never ever being able to really achieve this objective.

Some of you out there are chasing a deal, be it with a women or men you want to engage with or a business opportunity I am not sure ….you my friend know exactly what it is which had just occupied your thoughts through the weekend. Well truth be told that the outcome of your pursuit will be based on which side were your thoughts wired, were they thoughts of positive outcomes or doubts. Remember one of the most powerful universal law is the “Law of Attraction”. That which truly occupies your thoughts consistently and in what angle, be it positive or negative it becomes the manifest of the results.

I am challenging you this coming week to be your own thought police, to consistently be conscious of what you are thinking about each and everything around you…your job, business, loved ones anything and ensure that the thoughts stay positive. Sometimes we et edgy or an irritation fro whatever reason. That then becomes the seed we then sow in our minds and as we know when we reap, it will be exactly what we sowed…Be positive, guard against using negative language, be aware of negative influences around you and then turn them all around.

Up to date the quality of your life is inspired and directed by the quality of your thoughts…as the modest and yet powerful writer James Allen once attested …As a Man Thinketh…well So Shall He/she BE.

Change your Thoughts and Change your Destiny.