Peak Performance

Stand Up and Deliver™

This keynote deal with Peak performance issues from People, Team and Organizational perspective. The backdrop of this keynote is the legendary production of Phantom of The Opera.

He uses his 1st personal encounter with this production, how it impacted his life and how he eventually became a student of the production.

He shares the power of this production to bring home a strong message about Performance Culture, how it permeates from Individuals, Team and eventually affects the whole organization.

How once each individual in any Team creates a in depth appreciation of their role in the success of the team and organization, wakes up from a slumber and performs.

He shares strategies of how teams should bond and leave behind pettiness. How leaders should galvanises their people and how organizational Brands either suffers or grows because of the collective.


  • Each individual can enhance their performance through awareness
  • Teams are a fusion of different skills and individuals, collectively this can create magic.
  • An intrinsic understanding of the Value chain, its effect on performance and growth.
  • How what you do affects people you don’t even know either positively or negatively
  • Raise the level of consciousness, raise the level of performance and results will follow.



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