Organizational Alignment

Awakening the Spirit of Tribal Consciousness™

How have organizations changed through the years, are we a reflection of a “new world “or not. In this Keynote Billy looks at the foundational flaws of modern organizations which are driven by a model created by The Romans 2 BC and yet people still believe that this model is relevant. He looks at the essence of Africa Tribal Structures versus the modern organization and how Afrocentric wisdom can be applied for modern business application. He tells the story of the Battle of Isandlwana and looks at how the British suffered their greatest Imperial Defeat of all times in the hands of barefooted men, who were dimmed unsophisticated. He shares some forgotten principle which governed and made Africa at some point in history the centre of the world. He shares with his audience how that knowledge He uses very powerful principles which are still in use though now not as prominent because of the lost in translation and acculturation process. The Story is amazing and exceptionally deep, with amazing lessons to be learned and taught to both Leaders and Organizational populace to instill alignment and cohesion.

Essence of the Message:

  • Afrocentric wisdom can be merged with Western / American / Eastern to assist in building amazing organizational who are not only driven by profit but that they can also give meaning to people who work there and make positive contribution to generations going forward.
  • UBUNTU in action.



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