The Bridge Builder

The are 3 fundamental things that a Leaders needs to do:

  1. Sell the Vision to everyone in the organization, to deal with doubters and non-believers. The CEO should be the Chief Sales Person for the Brand and Vision; he must do that each and every time he interacts with all the organizational populace, clients, stakeholders and his/ her EXCO.
  2. He must let each and everyone know their roles and responsibilities in their journey in pursuit of the Vision.
  3. He must create a happy place for everyone, there should be no discrimination according to rank and pay grades, each member is part of the while and therefore everyone is important.

If the above make for a Great Leader how then does a Leaders become a Bridge Builder.

Well here Billy uses the story of Henry V as an illustration of how a Leader who no one believed in can turn the hearts and minds of the people and get them to achieve something was almost believed to be impossible.

It not the superiority of your products and services which produces long term and sustainable success it is how the Leaders galvanizes the organization and moves it forward.

Great Leaders use the power of Story to inspire and take people to war and in so doing creates an environment wherein people are willing to die for the Leader and the organization.

It is the Leader they connect with before any other facet of the organization.

Bill uses this moving story as an Illustration on how each Leader no matter how big or small an organization he/she is Leading will be faced with heavy and sometimes impossible to beat odds.

When that time comes, each Leader must be the The Bridge Builder between the “AS IS “and the “TO BE “… that’s the difference between a Leader and a Great Leaders.



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