From Barefoot to Snakeskin Shoes

Here Billy shares principles which have transformed him from being a very negative, lazy, directionless and a victim mentality driven individual to being a world renowned Inspirational Speaker, Best Selling Author, Businessmen, Personal and Team Effectiveness specialist.

He tells this story with passion, enthusiasm, humor and yet with high content and relevance to a variety of audiences. He uses the Power of story to tell a narrative which is real, filled with humbling moments and yet it can be your story too.

He has enthralled audiences from Youths to Executives all around the world.

This keynote can be customized to ensure relevancy to the audience.

Essence of the Message

  • Your circumstances do not determine your destiny.
  • Failure is an ingredient for success.
  • There is so much we can learn from each other, only if we listened with humility.
  • Hard work must be propelled by a great attitude for results.
  • We are all writing a new chapter in our stories everyday, you choose to make the story negative or positive.
  • Success is not a preserve of the few each one of us can achieve it

The Power of Possibility™

The essence of this keynote is to answer the question of POSSIBILITY… As a young black person born in a poor neighbor hood in South Africa. There were no prospects for anything, young people were faced with a bleak future.

Amidst these challenges, he believed that success was achievable … he started multiple businesses and failed dramatically, each defeat was met with “we told you so “from friends and family.

When he quite his Job to start his Professional Speaking Business many thought he was mentally disturbed and need help. He knew deep down inside that it could be done. He enlisted the help of mentors in business to assist him on this journey.

Eventually he was able to move his family from poverty , travel the world , build and grow a Global Speaking Business achieve the highest designation in Speaking CSP ( Certified Speaking Professional ) and officially rated the No 1 Inspirational Speaker in Africa.


  • How far are you willing to push yourself to be the testimony of THE POWER OF POSSIBILITY?
  • He shares a powerful narrative with world applicable principles which have seen ordinary men and women, Captains of industry, Celebrities et al transform their lives to the next level after this engagement.

Keynote Motivation

Duration: 1 hour


  • South Africa: R35 000.00 excl. vat (Excluding Customization and VAT, travel and accommodation)
  • SADEC: $ 6 000.00
  • United Kingdom and Europe: €10 000.00
  • USA and Caribbean Islands: $10 000.00 all including travel excluding accommodation


Duration: 1 full day

  • R45 000.00 excl. vat

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