I am what I think

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The truth about the true manifestation of who we are and become lies in our thought process. The time less biblical scripture ” as a man thinketh , so shall he be” will never ever change. Through my struggles and quite a lot of triumphs , i had always used the power of sub-conscious to see me through.

I learned to let the greatness inside of me find its way to the realm of the physical.As a fellow traveler , in those times when I was literally destitute I would use he power of my sub-conscious to take me to a place of victory. A place which I aspired to be , where there was beauty , abundance , love , faith and most of all contribution.

The HOW has always been what many many people struggle with. People know that they need to change but it is the how to do the actually change which is challenging. Below I will share with a simple and yet profound process which you need to follow like a prescription from a Doctor to make it work for you. I know that it works , because I use the process everyday in my life…and many of the people I have coached have come to me with astonishing results. The challenge as your journey unfolds is to be both patient and have an amazing amount of FAITH.

We are going to follow the 6 Dimension of Life process as our foundation and base. This is based on the premise that our lives are divided in 6 distinctive dimensions which are 1. Family 2.Career/Finance 3. Physical and health 4. Education 5. Spirituality 6. Social. So you must have a goal for each and everyone of the dimensions, once you are crystal clear about that you then need to create affirmations which will be stored in your sub-conscious and they will be your guide.

I will share some examples which you can use as a base for yourself:

1 Family:
Husband/Wife: I am a loving , supporting , understanding Husband/Wife.
Father/Mother : I am a loving Father/Mother to my children and teach them good values.

2 Career/Finance:
I am now CEO/HOD etc and am earning +R2 million annually
I am the go to Guy/Girl when it comes to my business/work.

3 Physical and Health:
I am weighing my ideal weight and have a healthy eating habit.
I go to gym 4 times a week.

4 Education:
I have finished my MBA in record time.
I read 4 books and 10 reports per month

5 Spiritual:
I am anchored in my beliefs and am not easily moved.

6 Social:
I am now fluent in French and Mandarin.
I contribute to charity consistently.

These are just some examples on how you should compose your affirmations. Once you have them , print them and let them be visible in all your touch points, at your bed , toilet , office, car, wallet…each and everyplace which is in your frequent daily schedule must always be a reminder.

You have to say them each and everyday the first when you wake up and last before you sleep. They must be so much conviction in your connection with them. The sub-conscious brain will hold on to them and it will trigger circumstances which will bring them to pass.

There are great stories through the times of people who had created wealth and success by using this technique, others have healed ailments which even Doctor’s though impossible to heal.

I want you to know that as you travel this journey have no doubts , be filled with FAITH and when the time is right , things will happen.

So be jealousy about what goes into your sub-conscious because it will make root and grow and deliver on the promise of the law of attraction.