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“The business of business is people, today, tomorrow and forever “…Herb Kelleher Founder of South Western Airlines

The battlefield for profit is no longer in the market place, it begins in your business within your walls and that’s visible in the organizational culture. So, it is not product superiority, grand advertising campaign, astute social media strategy, it begins with your people inside your organization.

Leadership Frustration

As a Leader do you sometimes have a feeling of frustration as far as the commitment of your employees is concerned. Do you feel that your passion for what you do as a company does not necessarily find its place amongst your employees?

Is the current state of your company the ideal one, is it congruent to your dreams of an amazing company? Are you very anxious about what the future holds for your respective brands, do you feel that the competition is slowly but surely eating up your territory. Many companies struggle with creating and upholding a peak performance couture, it is a day to day process and that creates uncertainty for Leadership and shareholders.

In my work both locally and internationally, it sometimes feels like am going to the same company repeatedly the difference being the place and logo. I sometimes look at the faces of CEO’, HR Directors, Sales Directors and feel their pain each time they explain what they believe is not working in their respective organization. It is not a matter of me understanding them, I can feel them. Many have tried incentives etc. to inspire their people for peak performance and that does not have as long term effect. I have felt the pain they carry with them every day whilst much is expected from them.

If as a Leader this is how you feel and where you are, I can assure you I have sat in the most amazing boardrooms around the globe and felt this pain coming from sentences uttered by very committed men and women. These are men and women who do not go to work simply for money they want to be legacy builders, they want to be remembered for something amazing and yet feel that people do not get them and are not committed in the same way.

A healthy, powerful, exemplary, peak performing and inspirational organizational culture is driven by engagement and commitment of employees. If employees are engaged and committed building an organizational culture becomes a less painful process. Below I will share with your statistics on employee engagement.

Global Average: 30.0%

Europe 23.9% North America 40.4%
South America 43.1% Oceanic 28.0 %
Asia 23.4% Africa 36.4%

3 Most Engaged and Committed Countries in Europe:
Austria 35.4%

Bulgaria 33.6%

Denmark 31.6%

European Average is 23.9%

If this is where the stats point us, I guess you can almost identify this with what is happening in your company currently. I believe that each Leader has the potential to turn things around in their company no matter what the statistics say and where you are. There must be a willingness and belief that change can happen and that you can be able to not only inspire but build an Organizational Culture worth talking about which will also be able to catapult your organization to being the most loved organization by employees and respected by peers and competition alike.

Top 10 Global Culturally Aligned organizations were not created in Mars but here:
  • Zappos
  • Warby Parker
  • South Western Airlines
  • Twitter
  • Chevron
  • Square Space
  • Google
  • REI
  • Facebook
  • Adobe

The above organizations are rated the best in the world as far as Organizational Culture is concerned however their Leaders will consistently tell you that they are a work in progress. The journey of building an organizational culture is organic. So, I believe that you can as a Leader be the person that facilitates this journey and bring your people with you all the way.

Having researched and worked with both local and international organizations in assisted them to building their culture I know that it is possible, it can be done the size and complexity of our organization does not matter it is always the will to make it happen which is the critical ingredient.

There are fundamental steps you need to follow in the building of your organizational culture.

Global and Departmental Diagnosis:

You need to know where exactly your organization is as far as Organizational culture is concerned. There are online assessments which can be able to get you a proper outlook of where you are. Online is great, affordable and easy to administer however many people especially the rank and file are very suspicious of them. I usually advice my customers to employ a hybrid model, online for Managers and physical workshop engagement for the rank and file however both must be well communicated to remove any issues of trust.