The universe is waiting for you to be a true participant. Go out there and make a difference; you have it within you to do so.

– Billy Selekane –

Billy Selekane

Africa’s #1 Professional
Inspirational Speaker.
CSP, SASHoF, Speaker
Expy recipient.
Martial Arts gave us Bruce Lee, Art…Picasso, Politics…Nelson Mandela, Music… Michael Jackson… and now from South Africa we have an Inspirational Keynote Speaker… who for the past 17 years has inspired, moved and transformed audiences around the world.

Our Clients

Billy’s Experience

He has worked with CEO’s, Heads Of States, Athletes, Leaders, Entrepreneurs and everyday men and women who yearn to be more successful. He has unlocked their passion and set their dreams on course.

Billy is a Inspirational Story teller and has an uncanny ability to connect with audiences, and bring powerful and practical messages, which delivers amazing results to people and organizations.

Billy has received respective awards and commendations as a Professional Keynote Speaker.


Intelligent Edge Consulting is an accredited Human Synergistic Partner which assists Leaders in Inspiring their People and Building Peak Performance Cultures using the OCI Tool (Organizational Culture Inventory).


This is a brief based facilitation process, where we get a brief from the client and then use our methodologies in assisting the client to get their desired results…


The speed of change has not only quadrupled we are now talking about quantum leap change. We have seen how the speed of technology continues to…

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Is to make this world a better place by inspiring people and organizations to want to be the best and provide them with tools to actualize their aspirations


To be the most sought after niche consulting firm in the world, which delivers disruptive, cutting edge human and systems improvements solutions.


To create and implement cutting edge, ex-nnovative and customer centric interventions which are disruptive in nature.


Assist organizations in creating a happy work environment which inspired personal growth, a Can Do Culture and total people engagement, which is driven by LOVE.