The universe is waiting for you to be a true participant. Go out there and make a difference; you have it within you to do so.

Billy Selekane CSP, SASHoF, SAEHoF and
The only African Speaker EXPY recipient.

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MEET Billy

Billy Selekane’s understanding of Leadership and Organizational Culture and his ability to bring clarity on these subjects is refreshing.
Abe Thebyane
– HR Executive Nedbank –

Billy Selekane is not just an author; he’s a globally celebrated inspirational keynote speaker, a maestro in enhancing personal, team, and organizational effectiveness. 

As the dynamic Executive Chairman of Billy Selekane and Associates, his influence extends across continents, leaving an indelible mark in Australia, the Middle East, Singapore, Sweden, the UK, and the USA. His organization is more than just a name—it’s a powerhouse specializing in action learning…Read More


He delivers dynamic and engaging presentations that inspire audiences to harness their energy, directing focus towards their utmost priorities.


In our facilitation process, we seamlessly integrate client-provided briefs with our specialized methodologies, guiding and collaborating with them to achieve their desired outcomes


As an accredited Human Synergistic Partner, We empower leaders to inspire their teams and cultivate peak performance cultures through the effective utilization of the OCI Tool (Organizational Culture Inventory).


The pace of change has not merely quadrupled; we are now navigating a realm of quantum leap transformations. Witnessing the relentless acceleration of technology further underscores the imperative for agility and adaptability.

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What clients say about Billy

Billy Selekane is an exceptional mentor in business. He puts on the table an incredible wealth of knowledge from his experiences as a world renowned speaker and coach. One has to admire him for his positive outlook on life and his take no nonsense attitude as well.
Adam Bright
I have worked with Billy Selekane over a few years. He is a professional, potent, powerful presenter, expert keynote speaker, coach and mentor. He is a positive product of focus, commitment and action with a strong foundation of integrity, character and reliability.
Tony Dovale

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Billy Selekané delivering a keynote speech at a leadership conference.
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