The Essence of Business is People

The Essence of Business is People , each and every business needs people to service and most of them are geared towards offering a product and or service to people. So therefore the foundation of any great business lies in the People Engagement and Growth strategy....

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Building a Winning Organizational Culture

[vc_row type="vc_default"][vc_column][vc_column_text] “The business of business is people, today, tomorrow and forever “…Herb Kelleher Founder of South Western Airlines The battlefield for profit is no longer in the market place, it begins in your business within your...

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Committable Values

Organizational Culture finds its foundation on Core – Values. These become the foundation through which a company guards against its internal and external behaviour which has the potential to build of destroy their culture. Irrefutable and empirical data from the Deal...

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Quality of Thoughts, brings Quality of Life

Today is a beginning of anew week. A week of great or not so great things happening and all this depends on how you have tuned your thinking process. I am in my new office and appreciating the beauty of what I have created which not only turned out to be a great place...

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What work are our Hands Doing?

“Oh! but what have we here, about ten thousands of those men who do no work in England today”…this was said in the battle of Edin Court in 1216 which was later christened “The Feast Crispian” by King Henry the V. Well what work does our hands do today. These are very...

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A VISION becomes the driver of the manifestation of your purpose. It gives you a place to go to. A destination to look forward to and a journey which is imbedded in your subconscious mind at all times.